How not to lose to a rookie casino? Advice from professionals



First of all, everyone who has a positive experience of playing at the casino is based on three basic principles, which are always relevant to everyone, no matter what time you come to the institution:
Make sure you stop at the right time. If you feel the excitement captures you more and more, this is the first signal to get a grip on yourself, stop betting and leave the gambling establishment. It’s the golden rule of casino gambling. You have to keep it in mind all the time;

When playing slot machines, don’t give in to greed and bet again and again in an effort to win as much as possible. Greed can play an evil joke on a gambling house guest;
Listen to your inner voice. If it tells you that it is time to stop, do not ignore this feeling.


What is the danger of not following these rules?

If you’ve never played before, you won’t know right away how gambling is. Experts say that gambling addiction can develop in a person very quickly. If you feel that you are driven by a sense of gambling, in the game you increasingly want to raise rates, and in the process is more difficult and difficult to stop – all this can be attributed to the signs of problems with gambling. These people psychologists advise to give up gambling entertainment or stop playing for money. At the service of people who love slots, but not ready to make real bets, there are social casinos that allow you to have fun and spend time at the slot machine without losing a dollar.

Do not forget that there is no single rule that gives a guarantee of winning. Gambling is an entertainment and you should not take it too seriously. Another tip for a newcomer to the casino is to take as much money as you can spend on your leisure time.

However, experts did identify a few recommendations that can play a positive role in the game and slightly increase the chance of winning.



Distribute bets in advance

As mentioned earlier, the first thing to do is to determine the budget that you are ready to spend going to a gambling establishment. You shouldn’t exceed the set amount. Then you can avoid significant financial losses and stress.

When playing slots experienced gamers advise to distribute the allocated funds and make a few small bets. You should not play at once on the maximum. So you will spend more time playing the game, increase your chances to win and do not lose a lot of money for just one spin, if fortune is not on your side.

Deposit Size

When calculating the amount, you must take into account the probability of losing. Based on this, you can choose the size of the deposit. You can proceed from your own income. It is not recommended to replenish the account with more than 10% of your monthly income. Otherwise, a passion for gambling may affect the quality of life. To achieve success, you need to learn how to handle an existing bankroll, and develop a strategy of action. Serious approach is important for those who prioritize income rather than entertainment.


Choosing games

There are several separate categories of gambling entertainment, and each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For each type of game there are different schemes or theories. Learn them better before you register. Avoid mistakes will help practice in demo mode, which is also available without registration.

Popular types of games in online casinos:

  • slot machines;
  • cards – poker and blackjack;
  • roulette – recommended European;
  • video pokers;
  • lotteries and scratch games.


Slot machines are spectacular gambling with an abundance of special effects. For one spin drums you can break the jackpot of several million. This is the main feature of the category – the opportunity to get a big win in the collection of senior combinations. Cards imply the use of calculations and schemes. Every action must to be weighed and considered. In the beginning, it will take a lot of time, but gradually the speed of calculations will increase. A simpler option is roulette, but here you should also stick to the strategy. In both cases we mean long game sessions, where the primary goal is not to lose.

It is more difficult to win quickly, but the probability of completing the game with an increased bankroll is more real. Video poker can be referred to card games with its own rules. Collecting older combinations means higher odds. Thus, it is a transitional option between standard cards and video slots. The choice of the game is based on personal preferences and popularity.

Did you win? It’s time to go.

Next tip for a newcomer to the casino: win – go. If you’ve already won a lot in your gaming account and you’ve had the moral satisfaction of the process, it’s time to leave. Do not rely on “maybe!” and start another spin. Know the measure – be able to stop in time not to leave with empty pockets.

Don’t listen to people around you who can talk you into betting more, arguing that this is real excitement. Remember, you’re not boring, you’re conservative. This quality allows many experienced gamers to stay afloat and leave the casino without losing their money.

Feel free to ask those who are more experienced…

If you’re new to the casino, don’t be afraid to meet people and ask them questions about what interests you. Not everyone can share their strategies, but someone will definitely give you good advice. For example, experienced gamers can tell you which slot machine is not worth sitting at all, and what offers the highest percentage of return.

Do not forget about the demo mode.

In order to understand how the slot machine works, to understand the rules, to determine the percentage of return and the principle of the prize lines, it is worth refraining from playing for money. Take advantage of the demo mode. In this format, the game goes on virtual points and make a real bet is not necessary. But you can determine some nuances of the slot machine and understand whether it suits you or not. This mode can be used, including beginners at online casinos in those jurisdictions where such sites work legally.